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Nutrition Counseling and Education

Work With Me

New clients first schedule a 90-minute initial consultation where medical history, family history, current food intake, supplements, medications, and other background information is gathered to better understand individual needs. Clients share nutrition goals, learn about different nutrition education opportunities, and choose the direction of their nutrition counseling.


After the initial consultation, 60- or 90-minute appointments are available to continue support in building healthy eating patterns. These sessions flesh out in number of different ways depending on individual needs:

  •  Review current intake and discuss foods to add that align with individual needs

  •  Reflect on habits that perpetuate an unhealthy relationship with food

  •  Discuss the value of tools to support change in cognitive behavior as it relates to eating patterns, relationship with food, or body image (i.e. journaling, meditation)

  •  Consider the impact of chronic stress on gut health, digestion, and appetite and how difficulties in these areas can negatively impact eating patterns and create repeating cycles.

  •  Explore additional supportive pathways such as professional counseling or medical services

  •  Gain a better understanding of basic human metabolism

  •  Address anxiety around day-to-day food tasks such as cooking, meal planning, or grocery store shopping

  •  Discuss how limiting food beliefs and rules negatively impact eating patterns

  •  Develop confidence in the kitchen with basic one-on-one cooking lessons

  •  Learn mindful self-compassion practices that can be applied easily and anywhere

Reach out today to book a free 30-minute call


I look forward to hearing more about your needs and share ways you can be supported. I will answer any questions you have and we can schedule your appointment if you are ready. Changing eating patterns and examining our relationship with food can be difficult; if you have any hesitations to begin this work, this is a gentle first step.

As of 2022, it is estimated that 11.9% of Montanans are living at or below the poverty line; that is to say that over 133K of Montanans are struggling to make ends meet. If you are currently experiencing economic hardship, please reach out to get more information about payment options or utilizing my pro bono program. It is my belief that nutrition counseling and education should be accessible to all individuals.

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