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Hello! I am a registered dietitian nutritionist licensed in the state of Montana, offering virtual sessions throughout Montana and some in-person services in the beautiful Gallatin Valley. 

I grew up in Helena, Montana and as with many Montana kids, I was in 4-H, camped, hiked, shoveled snow. But most of my time was spent with horses. First, riding in the north hills which were basically my backyard, then at professional horse training barns. It was there that I learned to love hard work, experienced disappointment, joy, and was always with animals that are to this day my favorite creatures.


After graduating high school, I earned a BA in Social Sciences at the University of Montana. Then on my way to what I thought would be graduate school for counseling, I stumbled upon somatic therapy and took a sharp turn to Salt Lake City for massage therapy school. Wonderful opportunities and life experiences unfolded for me from there.

From SLC and Park City to Italy to Minneapolis, I was back in Helena after 10+ years to call it home once again. I opened a small private practice and built a lovely clientele, some of whom I am still in touch with today.

After nearly 14 years of massage therapy, I returned to school to earn my BS in Dietetics at Montana State University. Bozeman became my home where I live with my husband and son, our little Boston Terrier, and a flock of chickens.

At the top of my list of "loves" is gardening. My spaces keep expanding to accommodate the new vegetables that I want to grow and the flowers that are becoming heavily incorporated. Beekeeping is likely in my near future, stay tuned for that! My other passion project is reclaiming the health of our little piece of land. Bringing it back to life slowly with sustainable and ecologically friendly methods is a constant practice in patience and humility. Still, I get excited about native shrubs, grasses, and biological warfare on noxious weeds. Never before did I think I would be stoked about a bucket of weevils. But here we are. 


And food. Love it. Comes with the territory I suppose. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. And if not there, I spend a lot of time reading cookbooks. Baking is on the brain most days. Nothing like mastering a rough puff pastry for a homemade chicken pot pie in the middle of a Montana winter. Or a fresh cottage loaf to go along with a light dinner.


I love connecting with our history through food. I love sharing food with others. And for me, making myself a nice plate of food is my expression of self-love. 


What I do professionally is what I do personally. I am excited everyday to share it with others, and I hope to share it with you!

I wish the best for you on your journey!

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